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I am an approved NZTA course provider. That means I can issue certain licences and endorsements. The most common licence that I provide is the class 2 licence. I can also issue licences for classes 3, 4 and 5. I am also approved to issue endorsements for V and D.

Before you can be issued with a FULL Class of licence you must first obtain a LEARNER LICENCE in that class. Usually you have to pass a road code test before being issued with a class 2 learner licence and a class 5 learner licence. You will also need to pass a drivers medical certificate from your doctor which will be valid for 5 years

At Personalised Driver Training I am focused on providing services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction - I will do everything we can to meet your expectations. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me.

Here is a very brief description of all the licences and endorsements that I can issue.


A Class 2 licence enables you to drive anything over 6000 kg GVM. You can drive up to 6000 kg on a class 1 (car licence)

A class 2 vehicle usually has just two axles (one at the front and one at the back)


A class 4 vehicle is a rigid vehicle (a vehicle without a trailer) that has more than two axles. The one above has two at the back but sometimes a class 4 vehicle can also have two axles at the front as well.


A class 5 vehicle is called a combination vehicle (not a rigid vehicle) because it has one or more trailers attached to a truck or tractor unit (also known as a prime mover) You need a class 5 licence to drive any vehicle over 25,000kg GCM (gross combination mass)


A dangerous Goods endorsement is required whenever a driver carriers dangerous goods. The vehicle must display a placard similar to the one above whenever they carry dangerous goods over 50kg or 50 litres.

'V' Endorsement

A “V” endorsement is required if a driver wants to charge money to carry disabled vehicles.

Prices that I charge

2L Learner Licence course: $100
2L Learner licence fee: $94
Driver medical certificate: $50
Full Licence & Endorsement fees: $50

Class 2 Approved Course: $650
Class 2 Truck hire : $250
Class 4 Approved Course: $650
Class 4 Truck hire: $400
Class 5 Approved Course: $650
Class 5 Truck hire: $500
V Endorsement Course: $400
D Endorsement Course: $250

How to find us

Personalised Driver Training - 141 Waipuna Rd East, (off Finn Place) Mt Wellington, Auckland. Phone: (09) 570-1199 or 027 664 2222.

Please park on the road and walk down the tar-sealed driveway. Follow the signs to 'Personalised Driver Training'

Our classroom is located down the end of the driveway.

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